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Frequently Asked Questions about Prosthodontics.

  • 01What is immediate loading?

    Conceptually-speaking, immediate loading means connecting the teeth on the same day that the dental implants are fitted.

    The advantage is that the patient leaves the clinic with fixed teeth that meet cosmetic needs whilst awaiting the permanent teeth. 

    Immediate loading represents great advances over the days when the only solution was removable resin teeth.

  • 02What does the Cerec system consist of?

    Cerec is a CAD-CAM system (Computer-Aided Design and Manufacturing). The Cerec system is an alternative to a conventional prosthesis over a tooth.

    Unlike the methods used to date, conventional impressions to not have to be taken using pastes or by making plaster models.

    By contrast, the patient’s mouth is scanned with an intraoral scanner, and the final solution is designed on a computer in the clinic itself.

    Once designed, at the click of a button the tooth is made in resin (provisional) or in ceramic (permanent).

    This is a fast, high quality and precise system that contributes to greater comfort, less time and lower cost of a restoration as it does not require the use of an external laboratory.

  • 03If I wear a dental prosthesis, do I have to wear a bite plate?

    The bite plate prevents the contact between the teeth whilst the patient sleeps, placing the jaw in a resting position, which also relaxes the musculature used for chewing.

  • 04Are dental prostheses uncomfortable?

    When applied correctly, they should feel like your own teeth and are therefore not uncomfortable.

    Sometimes, if there is a large change between the before and after, the patient has to get used to the new design. Even when the change is for the better, it takes time to adapt to the new cosmetic look and the new feel.

    Provisional prostheses play a major role in this transition.

  • 05What is a dental veneer?

    It is a sheet of ceramic. In terms of volume, it is the equivalent to 3/4 of a crown. The veneer fits onto the front part and cutting edge of the tooth. They should only be fitted on the front teeth, although there are exceptions.

    Only patients who do not suffer from bruxism (non-clenchers) are candidates for veneers instead of crowns. And in the case of veneers, a bite plate should always be used.

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