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Modular course: The Management of a Dental Clinic

Course given by Cambra Clinic

Specialized training for dentists

We share our experiences to help you increase the performance and quality of your project.

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Personalized analysis clinic by clinic.

Course objectives:

  • Personalized analysis to each clinic: strategic plan design, personal advising and following of results.
  • How to be a better dentist?
  • How to enjoy your practice.
  • Following a dream. Do I have it?

The Cambra Clinic Management and Advising course looks for improving the quality of the determinant aspects: good organization, good communication, motivated team and expenses control.

After general concepts, we will do a detailed analysis of each dental clinic; we will apply the guideline to get the marked objectives.

The main concepts of this training are based in our real model applied into Cambra Clinic.

Odontology Cours for professionals

We give all documentation and materials used in our clinic. Besides we will ask for every attendee’s clinic information to analyze it together.

We follow the evolution and progression of every clinic, until now all they have been satisfactory; in some cases the progression has been spectacular.

Duration and timetables:

6 modules distributed during 6 months.
Sessions will be always on Wednesday.
From 15:00h to 19:00h.

This is a course with an adaptable structure, so we can adapt us to all attendants needs, with an important personal and trusting relationship. That is why we think you should have a previous meeting with Dr. Cambra. This way, we can assure that the final result is satisfactory for both parts.


Personalized Residency program

  • Individual residencies
  • Live surgeries – Clinic seminaries.

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