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Equipo profesional




Academic studies

  • Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery in Barcelona 1964. Qualification of Outstanding.
  • Stomatology in Madrid 1966
  • Doctorate at the Autonomous University of Catalonia in 1982. Cum Laude Outstanding Qualification.
  • Exclusive orthodontics Group work with professionals from other specialties.
  • Stoma Dental Clinic until 1996
  • Diploma Member of the S.E.D.O. and G.E.O.
  • Member of E.O.S. – A.A.O. – A.I.O. – A.O.C. – S.E.T.B.

^Professional collaborations

  • Film on adaptation and cementation of orthodontic bands.
  • Audiovisual about Cemented Direct Brackets.
  • Numerous communications, conferences, round tables etc.
  • Speaker of the “Practical Odontological Update” Course 7 editions.
  • Professor of Orthodontics at the School of Stomatology of Barcelona.
  • Treasurer of the S.E.D.O..
  • Secretary of the College of Stomatologists and Dentists of Catalonia.
  • Organizer of the Odontology Museum of the C.O.E.C.
  • Organizer of the Library of C.O.E.C.
  • “Costa del Río” Award 1983 for the best original article of Orthodontics published.
  • Director and author of the first “Vocabulari d’Odontologia” Català – Castellà – Anglès – Francès
  • Chapter of Orthodontics in the Adult in “Atlas of Periodontics” directed by Dr. J.J. Change First and second edition.
  • President of the III Catalan Congress of Dentistry.6
  • President of the 41st Annual Orthodontic Congress of the S.E.D.O. nineteen ninety five.
  • President of the Scientific Commission of the Congress of the F.D.I. in Barcelona.
  • Course “Introduction to Fixed Orthodontics.”
  • Course “Odontological treatment in adults”.
  • Course of “Bidimensional Technique”.
  • Director of the Magazine of C.O.E.C. “Arxius d’Odontologia”.
  • Component of the Editorial Board of various scientific journals.
  • Editorial Board of the magazine Quintaessence.
  • Participant in the Symposium of the Anniversary of the Journal “Spanish Orthodontics of Orthodontics” in Valencia.
  • Cap de l’Office de Prevenció i Informació of the “Prevention of Malaties bucals” of the C.O.E.C.9
  • Organizer of the Campaign of hygiene and prevention in the Saló de la Infancia de Bracelona “.
  • Organizer of the “Commemoració del 1r Centenari del Títol d’Odontologia”.
  • President of the Commission of Culture of the C.O.E.C.
  • Medal of Santa Apol.lònia del C.O.E.C.
  • Postgraduate “Bidimensional Technique” from Boston University.
  • Speaker of the course “Right Arc. Two-dimensional technique “12 modules for 2 years. Fourth promotion
  • Course on “Bidimensional Technique” in the COEC.
  • Postgraduate professor at the University of Barcelona.
  • Straight Arc chapter in the book edited by the University of Barcelona.
  • Chapter of invisible orthodontics (Invisalign) in the book edited by the University of Barcelona.
  • Course on “Bidimensional Technique” in the COEC.
  • President of the “Barcelona Orthodontic Meeting”.
  • Courses on “Two-Dimensional Technique” at the CESPU University of Porto (Portugal).
  • Organizing Committee of the SEDO. Barcelona.


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