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High Tech in Dentistry


Technology is here to stay. In every field of everyday life, technology is here to stay. Let’s put a simple example. The iphone. The iphone has made our lifes easier, the iphone got rid of our calendars, our Palm agendas, phonebooks, paper maps. Making our life just easier.

Same thing happens with high tech and dentistry. CT scans, intraoral scanners, HD photographic cameras. They make our outcome treatment more predictable.

High Resolution CT scans, give better imaging, thus increasing the precision in both diagnosing and treatment planning. Intraoral scanners substitute the classic impression taking and also offer the option of keeping the computer file in the computer, meaning that if needed it can be used further on.

HD photographic cameras serve to document the initial appearance of the smile/teeth, being able to use those pictures as a guideline to Tx plan the esthetic outcomes. Not only it is a communication tool to be able to explain our patients what to expect, but it also helps the dentist in designing appropriate tooth size, shape and most importantly harmony within the patients smile.