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In developed countries, life expectancy has increased to more than 80 years of age. ¿Are our teeth ready to survive in our mouth such a long time?

In many cases, the answer to this question is negative. However, the scientific evolution of certain techniques enables us to enjoy the third set of teeth.

Edentoulism (lack of teeth) is the dental problem that most frequently affects the population.

Other than speech and chewing problems, edentoulism can bring negative psychological consequences to those who suffer from it. Not being able to eat publicly, or feeling insecure each time you show your teeth, may affect one’s personality and self-esteem.

Naturally, human beings have two set of teeth. The first one, known as baby teeth, is temporary and erupts during the first year of life. The second and definite set appears from the age of 6 onwards. Unfortunately, in many cases the second set will not hold up over the years.

Scientific advances enable the third set of teeth to be a reality. Dental implants and fixed prosthesis are the perfect substitutes to natural teeth.

At Cambra Clinic, we want to fight removable dentures providing better solutions. Our goal is to help completely toothless people with a third set of teeth that will be life changing.

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